Sunday, July 21, 2013

Convention 2013

Hello all you crafty people! I should apologize for not posting for so long but I was at Stampin' Up's 2013 Convention, so I'm not really all that sorry. ;) Anyway, before I start in on blog posts this week about all the cool things Stampin' Up! is coming out with soon, I thought I'd share some general picture from my trip.

Opening general session was at 5:30 on Thursday night but we couldn't wait around that long so Jennifer Thomas (my friend and upline) and I drove from Boise, Idaho to Salt Lake City, Utah on Tuesday morning. Yay! Let's see some pictures (I apologize in advance for all the "selfie Facebook shots" of Jennifer and I, lol).

Wednesday: Obviously we started with some drinks because it's really the only way to start anything. Haha!

Thursday: This day included the Riverton Campus Tours of Stampin' Up's home office (Picture 1) and Opening General Session (Picture 2). You can clearly see we're having way too much fun! :)

Friday: Friday consisted of a General Session (Picture 1); where we learned about some awesome new products that are coming (stay tuned for more details!), the Stampin' Up! Expo and later on; Awards Night and the 25 year celebration (Picture 2).

Saturday: Saturday was the last day of convention. We had a general session (Picture 1), breakout classes, gathering place/lunch and finally; the closing general session. We were so sad it was the last day! (Picture 4) However, this is also the day I won Prize Patrol! (Pictures 2&3)

If you can't tell by the picture; we had sooo much fun! I always enjoy being around fellow stampers and crafters. The friends you meet and the memories you make are priceless and I look forward to many more years with Stampin' Up! Stay tuned for more information this upcoming week about all the cool info we learned and also the awesome projects we saw. I'll also post each of the 3 swaps I took with me to convention, you won't want to miss those. ;)  Have a fantastic day!

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