Thursday, May 2, 2013

New 'Best Of'!

As promised I'm back at the beginning of the month to show you all the new Best Of stamp set. Just as a reminder of what's going on, as part of our 25-year anniversary celebration, we're bringing back some of our favorite stamp images from the last quarter century and combining them into 12 sets, which will release-one set per month-during 2013. Even better, along with some great classic images, each "Best of" set will also include a never-before-seen image!

You can read more of my original blog post on these stamp sets, HERE, you can also see all the previous stamps sets in that blog post.

Now for the fun stuff! Drumroll please... the May 'Best Of' stamp set is, The Best of Brides and Babies. Yay! As usual, this stamp set is only $14.95. Let me know if you want one!

Check back here every month to see the new Best Of stamp set. For more details on the stamp set you can visit THIS page.

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